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Over Ice Drinks

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Aguas Frescas

Horchata - Made in house with rice, cinnamon, cane sugar, almonds, sesame seeds, and whole milk. Available dairy-free.

Tamarind - Made in house with fresh tamarind sweetened cane sugar.

Jamaica - Brewed in house with dried hibiscus flowers sweetened with cane sugar.

Thai Tea

Brewed in house with Thai Tea leaves sweetened with cane sugar and honey topped with half and half*.


                                      *Available dairy-free.

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Lavender lemonade -

Lavender syrup with fresh lime juice.


Rose lemonade -

Rose syrup with fresh lime juice.



Fresh mint leaves, with fresh lime juice, La Croix sparkling water, sweetened with agave.

Available in strawberry flavor

Cafe de Olla

Iced Mexican coffee, brewed in house with spices, sweetened with piloncillo served with your choice of milk or no milk.

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