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We just love slushies!

Slusheeland is a family-owned and run Frozen Drinks and Dessert Shop based in North Hollywood, California. Opened in 2012 by Wendy Garcia, the mastermind behind all the tasty creations. Slusheeland’s journey began by experimenting in a small kitchen with one blender. By the time the blender broke, the famous real fruit slushie had been created.


Having grown up in Los Angeles exposed Wendy to all types of desserts, so nothing seems too crazy or out of the question for her. Inspired by her Hispanic heritage and cravings, she is always searching for new flavors and ideas to bring you a surprising one-of-a-kind product. 


Everything in Slusheeland is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, from our famous real fruit slushies to our incredible frozen treat and snacks. We will always provide you with the freshest seasonal fruits to create your ultimate favorite frozen slushie.

So, if you’re ever looking for a slushie place near North Hollywood, you know where to go for a tasty frozen treat. 


What better way to refresh on a hot day than with our famous Mexican Raspados? We have delicious made in house syrups, like Strawberry, Mango, Tamarind, Pineapple, Vanilla! There are plenty of mouth-watering options for you to choose from. From  our newest creations Lavender and Rose lemonades, to the classic Cereal Shake, or the original Mango Loco. Avoding sugar, we got you too!!! Check out our new section of no sugar added aguas frescas.


We incorporated the best Hispanic snacks into our Slusheeland menu. Come in and taste our delicious Nachos, Tostilocos, the Fruit Tajín Salad, Bionico salad and many more incredible treats! If you’re feeling daring, our Crazy Tamarind Apple covered in chamoy paste will definitely knock your socks off. 


Slusheeland is more than a business. It is our passion. 


We strongly recommend to do yourself a favor and try all of our fantastic drinks and desserts. Visit us at 6005 Vineland Ave North Hollywood, or order online for pick-up or our Slusheeland delivery, whatever suits you best. 

The best slushy drinks are waiting for you. Come on over to our store and be part of our familia!

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