We just love slushies!

Slusheeland’s journey began by experimenting in a small kitchen with one blender. By the time the blender broke, we had created the famous real fruit slushie. With a blender, sweetener, ice, and chopped fresh fruits, our slushies taste natural and refreshing. We will always provide you with the freshest seasonal fruits to create your ultimate favorite slushie. Do yourself a favor and make sure to try a real fruit slushie.

Slusheeland is a family owned and runned business.  A place where everyone truly cares that you are satisfied with the product and the service. Come on over to our store and be part of our familia!

Wendy Garcia is the mastermind behind all the tasty creations. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. A CSUN graduate with a BS degree in Marketing. Having grown up in Los Angeles exposed her to all types of desserts so yes nothing seems to crazy or out of the question for her. She is always searching for new ideas to bring you a WOW product and of course always using high quality ingredients.


Slusheeland is more than a business, it is our passion.